"I want to share my sincere thanks for such an incredible Summit this week - I don't think I have ever been in a room with such high profile people that want to use their investments and innovations to do good in society! I especially loved the panels on Philanthropy and the Propriety Investment ideas on Day 2, great to see some young faces looking to carry on their legacies. Please do continue to host these events - I was delighted to be able to learn so much about key trending topics and share the work of the World Humanitarian Forum with your partners."

Rebecca O'connor, Global Partnerships Manager, World Humanitarian Forum, UK


"I wanted to thank you for the great two days I've had during the Summit. It was an excellent opportunity for ARAMEDES, and I hope I can capitalize it for my project.  

Wishing you a great time and let's stay in touch for further adventures."

Tom Morf, Co-Founder/Member of the board, Aramades, Switzerland


"I want to thank you once again for inviting me to the 12th Global Family Office Investment Summit.

I appreciated being part of such a fantastic event with exceptional hosts and exciting guests. Please do accept my congratulations on an extraordinary and successful event."

JASMIN DEVLIĆ, Consul General of the Republic of Croatia


"Thank you Sir Anthony for the magnificent and history making conference! Dubai was the perfect location in October. You brought together a world class assembly of nations, families, entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries and investors!"

Michael Flight, CEO, LibertyFund.io, USA


"Congratulations Sir Anthony Ritossa, Prof., (FRSA) for pulling off another great gathering of forward thinking game changers."

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure, Founder & CEO, Ubuntu Capital Group, Cameroon 

 "A wonderful conferences, created by visionaries."

 Adam Nowicki, Vice Chairman of The Board, history-making 


"Thank you for putting on a fantastic event for everyone involved. Jess and I had a great time, and it has given us some thought on how to structure and think differently about our current and future investment forward-thinking game-changers common values of social impact and bettering humanity, as that's our natural drive for our investments. 

Wishing you both a well-deserved rest after this remarkable historical event of UAE meets Israel. The Ritossa Summit team should be very proud!"

Ravi Vekaria, Chairman, Assetree, UK


"Gathering forward-thinking royal families, entrepreneurs and investors in the same place is not something easy. 

It takes time, trust and effort to be able to make it happen every year.

I felt this Summit was a special one with many "new pioneers" as I call them: people who don't fear to lead the path when times are difficult. This is my definition of leadership, and it was a tremendous honour to be part of it."

Yann-Olivier Bricombert, Founder, Yann-Olivier Consulting, France


"Thank you again for inviting me to your conference. I appreciate the opportunity to attend. 

It was my first live-in event this year, and I had a wonderful time and met a lot of new outstanding people. The level of diversity of discussions was terrific, and every panel I attended was engaging and insightful. 

I look forward to attending more events in the future and hope to see you soon in the meantime."

Sinnthya Macek, Business Development Consultant, Monaco & Slovenia


The future is virtual." That is the new familiar everyone is talking about post the Covid19 pandemic. I beg to differ! Zoom, Slack, Google Hangout, and much other software became the way for us to connect virtually. It is convenient, people can share information, no need to travel long distances, and most importantly, we do not get exposed to contagious viruses. These are all great benefits from virtual events, but never enough! Presentations and plenary sessions at live conferences, while important, they are not the most crucial part. It is about the full experience. Escaping from the 8 to 5 routine, getting away from the same desk, avoiding distraction from emails and notifications, interacting with real people and not screens, and connecting with like-minded peers are all priceless. Sometimes a short conversation at the sidelines of a conference can become a life-changing event. This will never be replaced virtually. Thanks to Anthony Ritossa and his great team for the tremendous effort in bringing the Global Family Office Investment Summit live again. I'm honoured to chair another excellent summit following 9-months of conducting virtual events."

Hussien Sayed, CNBC Arabia Anchor & Chief Market Strategist at FXTM, UAE 


"A huge thanks and huge congratulations for putting on another great event, in very difficult and challenging circumstances. You all should feel very proud of your efforts and achievements.

I look forward to catching up again soon."

Ian Halliday, Consul-General Dubai, General Manager - Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Australian Consulate-General- Australian Trade and Investment Commission 


"We were honoured to attend the incredible 12th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit; we thank you for the invitation and hospitality. We can only say that the Summit was as extraordinary as it is always and as successful as it was before the pandemic. We enjoyed the fruitful discussion with you, and the delegates and guests."

 SALAH AL JANAHI, Deputy CEO, Chief Investment Officer, UAE


"Congratulations brother.

You are the best messenger of the almighty that connects the world by bringing a billion-dollar investment into economies. What you do, my friend gives a means of living to millions around the world."

Nimish (Nick) Mistry, Chairman of the board, Mistry Family Office


"Todays World is after money, politics and power but even in such a competitive selfish mean World, there are True Visionary Leaders cum Entrepreneurs like both of you who are Blessings in disguise for Humanity Mankind and overall socio-economic development of the whole world during this Pandemic crisis."

PCS Ranjan, Jain Institute of Business Managament, India


"Dear Anthony, congratulations and continued success in the family office world in our future."

Torsten Bittner, Investment Management, T.Bittner Investment, Germany


"Congratulations on being recognized as the World's No.1 Family Office Conference. Having participated a few times, I can certainly confirm the overall high quality of the conferences."

Biswajit Dasgupta, Chief Investment Officer, Emirates Investment, UAE


"That is great news, Sir Anthony Ritossa! You've elevated the standards at each of the five conferences Syntax Research has presented. Wishing you much success!"

Sandeep Sharma, CFA, Principal & Founder at Syntax Research, UAE


"This is the most exceptional investment conference in the world.

The quality of investors, presenters and attendees are second to none.

 This is where Verity International Ltd. Was put on the map. The doors people have opened for Verity and me are limitless. I could go on forever.

 If you have to pick one event, one shot and give it your, all this is the event. Go ALL IN. Thank you, Sir Anthony Ritossa."

Adam Reiser, Verity International Ltd., U.S.


"Good afternoon dearest Vanessa. Thank you so much again for inviting me to this beautiful family office conference last week. It was an amazing event. Great people. Great issues of discussion and amazing organization. Thank you again, Vanessa. I can help you again as a guest speaker whenever you need me. Keep in touch."

Vicente Andreas Zaragoza, Chairman, Pentivm Finance, Monaco


"Dear Sir Anthony and Vanessa, 

I hope you are well. 

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing conference. Not only was it a wonderful organization, but my team and I met interesting people with shared values, interests and challenges. 

Thank you for awarding my lifelong work of leading the growth of our family office to new highs and my passion for A.I. and systematic trading, which made me very touched and happy. 

I am very excited for your next conference and seeing you again. 

Please let me know if you ever come to Geneva."

Thierry Roussel, SGFC SA Family Office, Monaco


"Dear Vanessa,

Thank you for an exceptionally fantastic event. 

Best wishes to you, Sir Anthony and team."

Bijan Foroodian, Advisor, Family Office (Almas), UAE


"Dear Vanessa,

I'm thankful for your and Sir Anthony Ritossa great support before and during the event - excellent job. It was very nice to see how kind and humble people have become based on COVID 19. Many people have changed their mindsets and values since we are all facing huge challenges, no matter skills or fortune."

Johan Berqvist, CEO and Member of the Board, Smart Secure ID AG, Switzerland


"Vanessa and Sir Anthony, 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you two have been very nice and a blessing to Tristar. We look forward to a long term relationship with you both friendship and business."

Giovanni Jackson, CEO and Founder, Tristar Global Entertainment, USA


"Dear Anthony, it was a great pleasure to meet you last week. I would like to thank you and your team for your courage and determination in organizing the Monaco summit in these turbulent times. The fact of being able to meet like-minded colleagues from the investment industry after months of a forced lockdown has meant a lot for most attendees. I certainly look forward to the Riyadh summit. I will also contact Vanessa regarding a potential speaker opportunity for the next event as we are involved in a number of innovative projects (energy and blockchain). Look forward to your updates on the Riyadh event. With kindest regards, 

Gleb Borukhov, Managing Partner/ Investment Director, Realia Capital, U.K.


"Dear Vanessa,

Thank you kindly for inviting me to this exceptional event; even though I only managed to attend the 2nd day, the speeches and panel discussions have been thought-provoking and encouraging at the same time;

Thank you and your team kindly for the great preparation and management of the event in those unpredictable times."

Christopher Knothe, CFO, Arethas Family Office, Switzerland


"Dear Vanessa, dear Anthony, 

Once again we would like to thank you for having thought of us and kindly invited us to your event.

We very much appreciated being part of your Summit and felt that we met some exciting entrepreneurs and investors. 

Your conferences were also inspiring, and we were happy to partake in the opening panel. We wish you a perfect summer and will get back to you concerning your future events in Ryad and Dubai"!

Justin Highman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Monaco Economic Board, Monaco


"Thank you, Sir Anthony Ritossa, for awarding my father's lifelong work of leading the growth of our family office to new highs and delivering exceptional results with our Systematic Trading and A.I. division. Great conference with great people."

Johanna Roussel, Partner at SGFC, Monaco


"Excited to have participated in the digital asset panel at the Ritosso Family Office Summit in Monaco hosted by Sir Anthony Ritossa with Tatiana Koffman and well done Tatiana on the write-up! Looking forward to the next one Riyadh in October."

Michael Gord, Co-Founder & CEO, Global Digital Assets, Canada


"Dear Vanessa and Sir Anthony

Wow. What a great event and what a statement to gather such beautiful people during a crisis.

It sets an example as to the power of connecting and the importance of spending time face to face.

I loved the event and the people I met, thank you for the opportunity to contribute, very honoured.

Delighted to attend the next one, count on me to help, if that could be useful for you."

Dana Al Salem, Founder & CEO at FanFactory Ltd, U.K.


"Dear Vanessa,

Thank you very much for the invitation. 

This visit allowed me to learn so much, and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I was amazed at some of the speeches and the overall warmth in the room.

May I congratulate you on the organization and logistics, you worked tirelessly, and the event's smooth running was a testament to your efforts."

Ian Seddon, CEO, Pyxis Edge, U.K.


"Sir Anthony and Vanessa,

We want to send you our sincerest heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful gathering, no small feat in normal time, let alone mid-Covid. Bravo!

We truly enjoyed meeting you and all the conference attendees. The breadth and depth of discussion, insights and connections were truly exceptional. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the content and hope to have the pleasure of doing so in the future again.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to be of help to you. We will spread the word and do all in our power to keep making each subsequent event even more spectacular."

Lea Bajc, Co-Founder, Ozonex Ventures, USA


"The event was incredible, where we met many new life long friends and developed the business relationships that move mountains and create change. 

There is no better Family Office Conference group and family on earth. 

Now Tristar is proud to be a new family member along with our new partners of the Al-Khalifa Business School."

Michael Olson, Co-Founder, Tristar Global Entertainment, USA


"Congratulations Sir Anthony Ritossa on yet another hugely successful investment summit in fabulous Monaco - and thank you for the webinar family office invitation."

Stephen Warburton, Entrepreneur-Investor, USA


"A gratifying few days with inspiring family office experts. Well done Sir Anthony Ritossa."

Amjad Suleman, Chairman of Impetus, U.K.


"Congratulations to everyone involved in planning and executing this stellar event. Sir Anthony Ritossa Family Office, your work and insight for social impact investment initiatives, is the best in the world for families and startups. The video is fantastic too. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon at another event and in Monaco next year. Pity to miss this year's event as I am less than 45 days away from launching a new digital therapeutic telehealth service hashtag#talkfortech. The digital platform is powered by xrboost and is the first in the world to align with the UN SDG's as a collaboration with doctors, hospitals, schools, governments and corporations. alkfortech is built by leading transformational PhD's and UX/UI media content experts to deliver affordable and anonymous therapy and coaching services to workplaces and start up's with proven evidence-based 1:1 resilience and executive coaching and peer to peer education via the world's first virtual co-collaboration innovation lab for corporations, governments and private family offices. This is a collaboration with co-founder Dr Karen Katchen in association with @kelencontent + @xrboost.io Will send PM soon. Keep inspiring the world, be healthy & stay safe until then."

Tanya Kelen, Distributor. Producer. Creative Director. X.R. Futurist. Revenue Driver. Impact Partnerships & Performance Coach, Canada


"Thank you. Such a great three days with you all in Monaco and a fabulous response to my participation and investment opportunity."

Dawn Barclay-Ross, Director, Future Health Digital, U.K.


"My dear friend Sir Anthony Ritossa, thank you so much one more time to invite me to participate as Chairman of Al-Khalifa Business School and President of the Private Council of H.H. the Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf in such great and exquisite event. I am so grateful of having such marvellous lifelong friendship with you. God bless you and your family always!"

H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, President, Private Council of H.H. the Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf , Spain


"The Ritossa Family has great integrity and treats clients and their colleagues with the ultimate respect. Platinum reputations"

Sue Perpich, Co-Founder, Nu Metrix Robotics, USA


"Dear Vanessa,

Thank you very much to Sir Anthony, you and the team for having invited me to my third Summit, and first post-COVID one.

Despite the context, I'm happy it was an additional success.

The zoom live broadcast is a real improvement."

Count Eric de Villeneuve, President, The Ascotian Club, France


"Amazing, what a great Success!!

Olga Mroz, Prof. and Director of the ART Programm, Editor and Chief of the AKBS Art Journal, Al-Khalifa Business School, Germany

"I have produced thousands of events and conferences around the world literally and never have I found such broadness of vision and project. The official support of Sheikh Maktoum and the Monaco Prince, the presence of the heirs of Bahrain and Yugoslavia Royal families, the heirs of Reynolds, Rockefeller, Bismarck, Muhammad, Menelik, Selassie and most innovative global finance platform is something unheard of before. Your event ranks in first place as the most astonishing and inspired world summit. I'm very proud to collaborate." 

Matteo Peri, CNBC Europe

"It is exceptional how you bring people together and thought leaderships to better the world and create harmony. I didn’t forget your theme in last years event in Dubai. You made me proud and this is why I always support you."

Mohamed Hage, Head of Investment and Research at CPG Research and Advisory, Australia


"It was an honour to welcome more than 600 visitors from around the world to Dubai for the 10th Anniversary Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit. This was the sixth event in the UAE and greatly exceeded the high expectations of a distinguished group representing over $4.5 trillion in investor wealth. Themed "East Meets West," this high-powered Summit was grander and more spectacular than ever. It's an honour to be named Distinguished Grand Ambassador." 

Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE


"It was the best Summit I have ever attended! And was a privilege being on your panel and interacting with smart young minds who are making a transformational impact in life - all the best!" 

Ricky Husaini, Co-Founder, Buy Back Baazar Technologies, UAE


"I have been an active participant and currently a member of the board of advisory of this unique gathering that has brought together pioneers and leaders in many diverse industries from all around the globe. This year, we have decided to take things to a new level. We have had the honour to collaborate with Sir Anthony Ritossa over the next year to support and endorse the summits as well as initiate a partnership that expands globally. This was done under the blessing and in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdulla Bin Sultan Al Qasimi and CEO & MD Mohamed Al Banna." 

Faris M. Al Tahtamooni, Associate Director - Strategic Partnerships, LEAD Ventures - The Office of Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi, UAE


"Congratulations to Sir Anthony Ritossa, Mohamed Al Ali, Vanessa A. Eriksson and all those that worked tirelessly on the 10th Ritossa Family Office Summit held in Dubai. The event brought together more than 600 exceptional families, managers, and innovators to share insights on the best global investment strategies, thought leadership, and governance. I was honored to represent Kallas and discuss Brazilian investment opportunities, real estate, sustainability, and bilateral relations on a panel with the likes of Aneel Ranadive (Sacramento Kings, Soma Capital), Grant Cardone (10X) and Ricky Husaini. We look forward to participating at the 11th Ritossa Family Office Summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in March 2020."

Matthew Wilkens, Senior Managing Director - Head of Capital Markets, Kallas Group, USA & Brazil 


"It sure was the Summit of the Century!!! Next one is in Saudi Arabia on March 23-25. I highly recommend you go!" 

Jeanette Pressman, Platinum Realty, USA


"Sometimes you meet people that always are inspiring in your pathways, who became more than friends, became companions of life. I am truly honoured for having attending again to one of the best private capital events of our times organised by Ritossa Family Office." 

H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, President of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf, Switzerland

We would like to thank you for organizing such an amazing workshop and gathering of individuals.”

Francesco Lombardo, Veritage, USA


“I would like to thank your organisation around our presence at the summit. We made a lot of valuable contacts and partnerships."

Gergo Szoke, Centrum Circle


“Thank you, Anthony for an outstanding gathering and for your support.”

Mimoun A. Assraoui, RIF TRUST, UAE


“Dear Anthony, Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible summit. The hotel was first class, the topics were outstanding and the people in attendance were among the most interesting I have ever met.  It really is the best Family Office Conference I have ever attended.”

His Highness Prince Hermann of Leiningen, Royal Bank of Canada


“Thanks for an incredible conference, really enjoyed meeting great people and speaking as well, thrilled to see the continued impressive growth of the ecosystem thanks to all your hard work.” Aneel Ranadive, Somacap, USA

“I enjoyed meeting many of your guests from diverse backgrounds and hear their unique perspectives on how they view the evolving business, and investment landscape. I must congratulate you, and your entire team for organizing and inspiring an immaculate event.”

Ambassador Javed Malik, UAE


“Thank you so much for organizing this great summit, please accept my sincere gratitude for lending your platform to discuss one of the worst and most prevalent crimes.”

Dr Joanna Rubinstein, Childhood International, USA


"I just wanted to say what a fantastic event you held.  I met some wonderful people there and will be working with many of them. Also, with quite a few I think we can help accomplish some of the UN goals and help charities further."

Matt Hawkins, CUDO Ventures, UK


" I wanted to thank you again for your team’s hospitality and commend you on the quality of the venue, programming, speakers, and curation of attendees.  I look forward to building relationships with a number of fellow family office investors and entrepreneurs that I had the privilege of connecting with over the course of my stay in Dubai." 

Sanin Mody, Ojas Capital, LP, USA


"I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for your support and to congratulate you on a very successful event. Everyone I have spoken to was happy and found it to be very useful."

Sidney Wheatley, Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Salman bin Abdulla bin Hamad Al-Khalifa from the Kingdom of Bahrain


"Thank you so much for taking the time to organize and host the event in Dubai. To date we received interest from over a dozen investors who love the global Method Inc. play." 

Natalie Spencer-Clair, Method Homes, USA


 "Congratulations and really well done to you and your team, in delivering an exceptional Global Family Summit. You can feel very proud of your achievements and you were all so very delightful and wonderful to work with."

Ian Halliday, Consul General Dubai and General Manager, Middle East Africa, UAE

"Dear Sir Anthony and Vanessa. Well done again on another great webinar last evening. I thought the depth of the speakers was exceptional, and the topic, as we all suffer this virus epidemic and the shut down of business's worldwide was so timely. Again - many thanks for a fascinating webinar - I thoroughly enjoyed it!!"

Iain Mason, Executive Director, Copia Investment Partners, Australia


"It was a great meeting to attend and learn a lot from it. It was an honour for me to attend the meeting. Thank you for organizing it and let me join."

Gratien MUKESHIMANA, Director of Global Investors, Venture, Capitalists, and Partners at Planet StartUp

"Sir Anthony Ritossa well said. Excellent lineup and discussion. I enjoyed it to continued success."

Frank Meyrath, Private Equity Real Estate


"Thank you Sir Anthony Ritossa for the invitation to the "World's No.1 Family Office Conference", a conference of excellence and valuable insights."

Iliana Maria Such, Founder and Chief Visionary officer


"Attended webinar - "Spotlight on investing in Startups". Thanks to Ritossa Family Office and everyone for making it such an informative session and all the exceptionally great leaders for addressing us!!!"

Sumiran Chettri, Masters in pharmaceutical chemistry


"A special thank you to Sir Anthony Ritossa and his team for hosting this webinar, and to my fellow panellists for the insightful discussion. Startups are naturally facing significant challenges in light of this pandemic; however, we at Sheraa believe that there is opportunity even in crisis, especially when it comes to the digital transformation of industries that were once resistant to change. That is why we launched a $1MM solidarity fund that not only helps founders navigate this unprecedented situation but also supports startups that are developing solutions for the COVID and post-COVID world. Together, we can help define the new normal and shape a better, safer future."

Najla Ahmed Al Midfa, CEO, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), UAE


"Thank you so much for organizing the virtual panel yesterday. It was an amazing and insightful event. We enjoyed exchanging ideas with world-class elites. After the event, we also received lots of positive feedback from the participants."

Vania Cheung, Senior Manager, Tsang Group, Singapore


"Thank you for one of the best webinars, so insightful and informative. Very much appreciated and grateful."

Susan Cherian, Cherian Group, USA

"I appreciate Sir Anthony Ritossa's commitment to facilitating the sharing of diverse thought leadership and global market insights across the industry investment spectrum. May he and his family office be continually blessed, as he continues to lead with excellence and more notably, a heart of service."

Robin Belle, SM@RT INC.

"I do believe we could have continued for hours and created some viable new projects. Some terrific points for discussion, and I see a further vision for alternative real estate investment & development. I sincerely hope we will make it Dubai, and meet in-person."

Nicola M. Greenaway, Nikau Design Group, Singapore

"Thank you so much for  everything you are doing  it is  so interesting  to have all those different ideas coming from all over countries.
Please be my interpreter to congratulate once again  Sir Anthony Ritossa for those interesting moment."
Countess de la  Boëssière-Thiennes

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