Under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco
Sir Anthony Ritossa's 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit

Investor Summit Explores Global Opportunities

June 30 - July 2, 2021

"Our world, Post-pandemic, is rapidly changing. By living in the present and adapting to our new reality, we come together to share the best advice on preserving our human capital and planet for our future generations." 

Sir Anthony Ritossa


Left to right: Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE; Markus Lehner, Chairman of the 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit, Principal of the Markus Lehner Organisation, Founder of Lehner Investments, Monaco; Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office & Host of Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summits, UAE; and Distinguished Grand Ambassador for the 15th Global Family Office Summit: H.R.H. Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, Grandson of King Umberto of Italy and Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, Monaco

15th Global Family office Investment Summit For Thought Leadership Exchanges on Legacy and Impact Investing

MONTE CARLO, MONACO – (July 2, 2021) – The most powerful and influential investors representing elite family offices travelled from around the world to convene in Monaco at Sir Anthony Ritossa's 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. 

The event attracted 400+ family offices, private investors, Sheikhs, royal families, and leading businesses from 30+ countries representing more than $4.5 trillion in wealth.


His Royal Highness Prince Michel de Yougoslavie


"It is an honour and a pleasure to be the 15th Global Family Office Investment Grand Ambassador in Monaco on June 30-July 2, 2021.

I have taken part in many events in the past years, and have always been amazed at the quality of the participants and at the wealth of information that was circulated.

I look forward to being with all of you very soon."


Prince Michel de Yougoslavie is an investment executive socialite and philanthropist. Prince Michael is a member of the House of Karađorđević and a Prince of Yugoslavia as a patrilineal descendant of Alexander Karađorđević, Prince of Serbia. He is also the grandson of King Umberto of Italy.


"Recent times have changed everyone's life faster than ever before because our world has changed from one moment to another. 
Sir Anthony is guiding his family office conferences best through these times, and that's why they are the world's No 1. summits in all aspects.
Therefore, I am even more delighted to serve again as the Chairman of the 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit here in Monaco."

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Markus Lehner, Chairman of the 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit, Principal of the Markus Lehner Organisation, founder of LEHNER INVESTMENTS.


Markus Lehner

Monaco's World-Famous Financial Marketplace

Following the pandemic, it is clear that trust, commitment, respect, transformation, and responsibility are among the critical top of mind themes for families.

In addition to family office attendees, the Summit also welcomed selected investment opportunities on blockchain, healthcare, hospitality real estate, fintech, renewable energy, impact investing and philanthropy.

As with past Global Family Office Summits, the programme highlighted topics such as: 

Monaco's World-Famous Financial Marketplace

Monaco survived the pandemic well with the strong leadership of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is a thriving $140 billion international financial marketplace with strong credit dynamics, new regulations for residency, and an efficient platform for estate planning—many view Monaco as an emerging Wall Street of Europe.


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"In Monaco, the Global Family Office Investment Summit proved once again to be the foremost global gathering of elite family offices and high-profile private investors.


Meeting in person, exchanging rich thought leadership, ensuring safe investing, legacy building and making the world a better place is a conscious power families possess. 


The pandemic proved that individuals of great wealth must work together for a better tomorrow."


Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman, Ritossa Family Office, UAE

Investing with Confidence During Global Transformation

The Summit brought the brightest minds together to best invest in a rich legacy and positive impact on humanity. 


It is essential to consider the importance of making a difference and investing in improving the world. 


To be successful, one must be surrounded by people who embody a culture of excellence and inspire others to evolve and improve.


Blockchain's Next Wave

Now is the second-best time to invest in blockchain and bitcoin, following its inception years ago. Digital assets are impacting speed, security, and efficiency with the potential to change business models. We're in the midst of a global wealth transfer and today's new technology provides a transition between the two worlds. Since infrastructure prevails over time, it may be best to "bet on the plumbing" when reviewing investment opportunities.


The future of the Internet is decentralized, and change is happening at a rapid pace. Scaling and data are the power of blockchain, and bitcoin is the fusion of data and mining. The industry is forever transformed by blockchain.

The Multi-Generational Success of Family Businesses

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moves away from its dependence on oil and gas, new sectors such as food security, vertical farming, technology, agri-tech and entertainment are increasingly front and centre for investors. The next generation of Saudi family offices embraces change. Riyadh is a booming, thriving city that attracts younger investors enthusiastic about rapidly expanding great opportunities within the Kingdom.


Sheikh Obeid Wahib Binzagr, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Obeid is a G4 member of “Beit Binzagr” one of the oldest trading companies in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1881. He is an aggressive investor and holds numerous positions in his family businesses operating in KSA and the GCC while exporting to the MENA region. Obeid invests in progressive trends such as vertical farming, subscription-based e-commerce, end-to-end logistic solutions, smart parking as well as traditional ventures, such as commodity trading and real estate. He is the founder of GVAdvisors, in Switzerland helping next-generation family members preserve, manage, and multiply their family wealth.


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6 PM - 8 PM

Pre Summit Sunset Networking Reception Hosted by HYVE - A Decentralized Autonomous Task Marketplace. Meet your fellow delegates as we watch the sunset & enjoy regional hors d’oeuvres.


8 AM - 6 PM

8 AM Registration
9 AM Panels, Presentations, and Fireside Chats
1 PM Lunch 
2 PM Panels, Presentations, and Fireside Chats
5 PM Roundtables
6 PM Networking Reception Hosted by GT Biopharma, Inc. - Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer.



8 AM - 6 PM

8 AM Registration
9 AM Panels, Presentations, and Fireside Chats
1 PM Lunch 
2 PM Panels, Presentations, and Fireside Chats
4 PM Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks followed by our Closing Networking Reception. Join us and unwind with fellow industry professionals during our last networking break of the day & summit!

Preparing the Next Generation for Success

The next generation of family leaders demand expansion for new opportunities. They want to understand their parents' decisions yet be free to follow their path in life. Space is necessary to learn from one's mistakes and also successes. Over time, NextGen leaders plan to teach their children the family framework, what questions to ask, how to express themselves, prosper and lead a better life. It is better to lead than to push.

Co-Investment Opportunities for Family Offices


Co-investing in good ideas is fundamental amongst family offices. Leveraging one's network to reveal ideas and due diligence are valuable resources, and Sir Anthony's conferences are the perfect platform to learn about new investment opportunities.

Ensuring the Legacy of Family Business Through Emotional Governance


Family harmony increases the odds of favourable wealth transition and ensures the legacy of Successful Family Business.

For harmony to exist, one must first feel safe - within oneself, with our relationships and ultimately with our wealth. Strained family dynamics costs business money and will threaten its generational survival.

Family unease, when repaired, improves the bottom line and ensures longevity. 



We are very honoured and blessed

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